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Workshops for Schools & Teens


In 2017, I completed my training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project as a .b teacher (pronounced dot b, which stands for Stop, Breathe & Be).


Since then I have hosted talks, workshops and wellbeing events for pupils, parents and staff in my local area.This includes running a number of bespoke Teen Workshops on stress management and nutrition with a qualified Nutritionist.


Introducing mindfulness into schools whether by workshops, wellbeing days or the PSHE Curriculum allows young people to benefit from mindfulness in the safety of the classroom.  The .b course consists of a toolkit of lessons and practices designed to improve the health and resilience of young people from the ages of 11 to 18.


To find out more about the .b programme or the Teen Wellbeing Workshops contact me for further information.  

Workshops for the Workplace & Business
Workshops for the Workplace & Business

Workshops for the Workplace & Business


In 2016, I developed a wellbeing stress management programme for Nuffield Health in Surbiton, Surrey. This was a bespoke 6 week programme aimed at individuals looking to reduce the level of stress in their lives and improve their overall health and lifestyle.  Offering 1:1 support, stress management tools, group mindfulness sessions and expert nutrition advice; this programme is also suitable for small businesses wishing to support their staff.


Recent research into the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace has found that staff communication, focus and concentration skills can all be improved with mindfulness training. This programme also looks at the use of digital technology as a contributing factor for stress and sleep issues.


If you wish to support the wellbeing of your staff, whether its a taster session, presentation, workshop or an away day wellbeing event do get in touch for more information.

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