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Time is TBD


Online Workshop

Mindfulness & Sleep Workshop DATE TBC

Join SamMantra for this online practical wellbeing workshop and find out how Mindfulness can support your sleep.

Mindfulness & Sleep Workshop DATE TBC
Mindfulness & Sleep Workshop DATE TBC

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Online Workshop

About the event

Do you lie awake at night trying to get to sleep or suffer from regular night time waking’s and then struggle to get back to sleep? 

Do you feel tired and anxious the next day worrying about the lack of sleep you are having? 

Sleep problems are common, and they are often triggered by stress, illness and our age. We can get into so many negative thought spirals about the quality of sleep we receive too.

In this practical online workshop we will be look at how mindfulness can help us create better bed time habits to support our body’s natural sleep rhythms. We will introduce some mindful practices and look at our attitudes and behaviors towards our sleep. 

As a practical session there will also be expert help & tips to calm the nervous system and support the body into rest mode. Plus a handout of information packed with nutritional recipes to try and herbal suggestions and support from medical herbalist Roots of Nature.  

As an online session make sure you have a quiet space, some pillows & blankets ready try some night time meditation practices with experienced mindfulness practitioner Sam Weerasinghe. 

All welcome - whether you have a mindfulness practice or not there is something for everyone to take away to support a restful night’s sleep. 

Past participants of Sleep Masterclasses 2020:

'I really enjoyed it greatly. I found the exercises and sleep meditations really helpful as well as the group discussions. I am looking forward to putting what I have learnt today into practice!' 

'The meditations & breath work - I really learned from & the bedtime smoothie recipe was delicious!'

Sam is an accredited mindfulness coach and has been delivering these popular practical sleep workshops for a number of years & working in collaboration with a number of  nutriitionist & wellness colleageus. 


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