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New to mindfulness? Listen to this beginner's meditation video and find out how the Three Step Breathing Space exercise can soothe the body and ease tension and stress.

You can buy my exclusive Let The Body Breathe You meditation recordings from my live sessions using the plans below.


These plans are individually created for beginner to experienced meditators, covering breath work and restorative, compassion-based practices. 

You can choose from individual meditation plans, or pay monthly for access to new live meditation recordings every month.

Contact me directly at for access to these plans at discretionary rates.



All Plans Include a 5% Discount on 2 Live Meditation Classes

  • Updated Monthly


    For Regular Meditators
    Free Plan
    • 2 New Meditation Recordings Monthly
  • Starter

    Meditation for Beginners
    • Meditations Included:
    • Three Step Breathing Space
    • Releasing Tension
  • Soothing

    Body-Based Practices
    • Meditations Included:
    • Restorative Loving Kindness
    • Self Soothing Body Scan
  • Letting Go

    Practicing Gratitude
    • Meditations Included:
    • Nature Beauty Gratitude
    • Letting Go Letting Be
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