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Breathe & just be...Living mindfully

SamMantra is a wellbeing and mindfulness practice based in Surrey and founded by qualified mindfulness teacher, Sam Weerasinghe. Sam teaches mindfulness-based intervention classes to groups and individuals: offering 8-week mindfulness courses, mindful parenting programmes, graduate refresher classes and bespoke wellbeing workshops and retreats.


Sam blends everyday mindful living practices together with stress management tools and coping strategies that encourage mind and body awareness. When we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and body sensations we can recognize the signs of stress and therefore take steps to improve our wellbeing.



'The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another'

 William James

Taught by a number of inspirational teachers, Sam is influenced by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and Insight Meditation teachers. She also has a strong interest in mindful self-compassion practices and mindful movement, having practiced yoga for over 25 years. Mindfulness is often referred to as heart-full-ness and it is this open-hearted awareness that has allowed Sam to deepen her own personal meditation practice and apply the same principles into her teaching and classes. She likes to teach mindfulness with a soft and creative touch. 

Cobham, Esher, Claygate,

Thames Ditton, Surbiton

Hinchley Wood, Surrey

London UK 


07970 203767


Photo Naomi Arnold Photography


SamMantra’s mission is simple: to offer wellbeing mindfulness programmes that allow individuals to consciously find their own sense of stillness in their lives; express their inner creativity; nurture their minds and bodies and learn to 'just be in the moment’.


Sam adheres to the good practice guidelines for mindfulness-based teachers in the UK.


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