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‘I went on the workshop to calm my mind and to cope better with my busy life’



‘The workshop was a great moment to meet myself and understand and manage my thoughts’



‘I have struggled with my eating patterns and I enjoyed the combination of mindfulness with food, very informative and enlightening and something I can now put into practice at home for myself.’



‘Calming, soothing and mind freeing!








‘It was really refreshing to meet people on the course with similar interests and health concerns and to learn in an open, caring and nourishing environment.’



‘I found the programme beneficial as it helped me to challenge my thoughts and be more compassionate to myself’

‘I enjoyed the practical elements and learning to meditate.’



‘I will take a lot away with me to put into practice, the coaches & the course has given me many great tools to help me parent more mindfully.’



‘I found the Mindful Parenting Course fantastic: life – changing – really!’







'I wasn’t sure what to expect from a mindfulness course - but I was curious to explore how it might help me to deal with every-day life more effectively.

Sam’s eight-week MBSR Course was a complete revelation to me. After every session I came away feeling re-energised and calmer.

I developed a whole new way of thinking about how to approach every-day situations and I learnt practical tools and breathwork techniques that have now become a way of life for me.

I recognised that I needed to be kinder to myself.  And I even confounded the cynics in my family by embracing the benefits of a silent retreat day. Sam is a wise and pragmatic mindfulness practitioner and I look forward to my top-up sessions just to keep reminding myself to keep everything in perspective.'


‘I attended Sam’s MBSR course as I am a busy, working mum, rushing from one thing to the next and never feeling as if I was doing anything properly. I suffer from migraines and anxiety and wanted something to support me with this. Sam’s sessions helped me understand why I have been feeling the way I have and also that I am not alone! I now meditate most days for about 20 minutes and if I miss a day I really feel it! The support I received from both Sam and the other course attendees has been fantastic and we are still in touch months later.

The highlight of the course was the silent retreat which was amazing – I felt like I had woken up to my senses and what was around me. I have also recently attended Sam’s refresher session which was a lovely reminder of what I had learnt on the course and a way of resetting my mindset again’

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