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SamMantra Nov 2017 News

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Dear Friends,

Autumn will soon be over in a few weeks and hasn't the weather been kind! I love it when it is crisp and cold, the skies are blue and the leaves are in every burnt shade of red, gold and amber - so much to stop and notice.

Today, I heard on the radio that its only five more weeks to Xmas, and almost immediately I noticed the tension in my body and a tightness in my neck, followed by a self-critical thought of how disorganised I am, and then a barrage of more thoughts creating Xmas lists in my head! Isn’t it interesting how our thoughts which are not real life events can play out in our mind and sabotage our bodies? Who else is noticing the stress of the season already? This newsletter therefore acts as a timely reminder, to slow down and break the habits and agendas we create for ourselves when we strive to do too much at this time of year. When we strive, our bodies experience tension and we can spend hours worrying about not getting things done, and even when we do complete a task we can still fall into a downward spiral of striving to do more.

A key foundational attitude of mindfulness is non-striving or non–doing, which seems at odds with the pace of life in the western world. By noticing our self-critical thoughts and being kind to ourselves we can rebalance our nervous system and restore our minds and bodies. Plus, believe it or not, we can get a lot more done when we are not trapped in negative thinking patterns of behaviour, to allow space to pause and respond more creatively to life’s stressors.

"Non-striving is trying less & being more" - Jon Kabat-Zinn

To find out more about the mindful attitude of non-striving, listen to Professor Jon Kabat Zinn talk as he explains in more detail in the video link below.

So here's a taste of what classes are coming up over the next few weeks and into next year. Take a look at my new 8 week evening course at a brand new wellbeing studio closer to home at the Pilates Pavilion in Esher. I will be launching my first taster session there next week.  

In the meantime, I wish you well this winter and I hope you enjoy embracing a slower pace during the holidays. 

May you be happy, may you be healthy and may you be at peace. Kind wishes,  Sam

New 8 Week Mindfulness Course 2018 Tuesdays Evenings, Esher. I am offering a new 8 week evening course at the Pilates Pavilion next year. The Pilates Pavilion is a brand new wellbeing studio, running regular pilates and fitness classes throughout the week. Set in forty acres of open greenland, this beautiful open space is owned by Zoe Hodgson Pilates and is located within Imber Court Sports Ground. Access via own drive way, Ember Lane, Esher, KT10 8EG

Book a Taster Session to find out more Tues 28th Nov next week! & Tues 16th Jan 7.30-9.00pm   Cost: £15 Email to book: m: 07970 203767 for information

Course Starts: Tue 23rd Jan - Tue 20th March 7.30-9.15pm  Costs: £240 - inc resources & course materials + Retreat day Sun 18th March 10.15-3.00pm Open to all (Discounts are available for taster attendees)

The course consists of 8 weekly 2 hour sessions and includes: weekly guided meditations, breathwork, mindful movement and group reflections. It is ideal for those wishing to immerse themselves in a weekly mindfulness practice. The course follows the accredited MBSR (Mindful-Based Stress Reduction programme) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


"The present is the only time that any of us have to be alive – to know anything – to perceive – to learn – to act – to change – to heal." (Jon Kabat Zinn)

Nuffield Health Wellbeing & Mindfulness Course 

Next February 2018, I will be back at Nuffield Health teaching another wellbeing and mindfulness programme, this time at the West Byfleet Club. This 8 week bespoke programme has been designed as a stress management course with supplementary sessions on digestive health, mindful eating and mindful movement. The programme offers 1:1 health mentoring support, a retreat session and shared learning and meditation practice. Open to all, including non-members. Note: discounts are available to members. If you missed the first taster session the next FREE taster class is Thurs 16th January at 11.30am.

Course starts: 1st February - 20th March, 2018  Contact: to book. or Tel: 01932 351 835 for an information pack.

Refresher Class 

Sunday 3rd December 10.15-12.30pm, Thames Ditton  Come to the last refreshers class of the year. A chance to nourish yourself and refresh your mindful practice, ready for the busyness of Xmas. It will be a mini retreat morning spent well - exploring mindful movement and cultivating attitudes of kindness and gratitude together. Open to all with some meditation experience, or those that have attended SamMantra's classes before. Bring your own yoga mats and blankets if you wish.Spaces limited and refreshments will be provided. £25 with discounts available to previous course attendees. to book  Thames Ditton Studio: 29a High Street, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 OSD

2018 Extra Diary Dates Spring Taster classes - Medicine Garden, Cobham Spring 2018 - Next Mindful Parenting Programme, Venue tbc 1-2 June 2018 - Mindful Living Show, London Look out for my Creative Compassion Workshop in the Experience Zone on Sat 2nd June!

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